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Tassie Travel Tips  

Touring advice from a Hobart local

tourist information specialist.


Check in with this useful information and occasional tips and updates from a local Hobart tourist information specialist.  Many of these tips are based on common tourist information questions that are asked about Hobart and Tasmania.


Driving in Tasmania

Tasmania is a great place for a driving holiday.  Apart from those challenging one-way streets in Hobart that cause a few wild-eyed, panic-stricken clients to stand paralysed in the middle of theTourist Information Centre declaring they’ll never do it again, driving yourself is a great option for seeing our beautiful state.  Our roads are mostly good, usually uncrowded and there’s so many places to explore that can only be reached with the flexibility of having your own car.  

These longer summer days are particularly conducive to meandering country roads, exploring the out-of-the-way places that make Tasmania so special.   But it is best to avoid driving at night, particularly at dusk.  That is when our native animals are most active and a wallaby or pademelon can be in your headlights in an instant, with neither you or them able to stop in time.  Aside from the obvious - the damage done to the animal - the damage to your (or the rental company's) car, and to your finances, can be considerable.  

So, if you must drive at night, do so slowly, and with special care.  Better yet, allow more time for your visit to Tasmania; stop earlier in the day, relax for the evening with a glass of Tasmanian wine or beer or whisky, and enjoy our stunning views, fine food and fresh, clean air.





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