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Beat Around the Bush - African Drumming

We are excited to be teaming up with Tara Tucker of Drum Up Big for our first official event – African Drumming - at a private property in the Tasmanian bush. This 300 acres of quiet retreat is just one hour from Hobart but feels like miles from anywhere. It has two genuine hand build log cabins, sweeping views from the edge of an escarpment, walking trails, bird life and a sense of peace and quiet and ‘being’ that is hard to describe until you experience it.

The cabins are built of California Redwood logs, an experimental plot that my father had been involved in researching when he first came to Tasmania from the UK in the 1950’s. Much later, in a life full of travel and

adventure that included spending time in a log cabin in Alaska, and buying a remote 300 acre property on a whim, my mother bought the logs when they were being sold off and they became my father’s retirement project.

He created the first ‘little cabin’ before passing away unexpectedly just three years into retirement. My husband had built a log cabin in the USA and ten years after my father died we came to Tasmania from America and lived out in the bush with our three children (aged 8, 10 & 12) and built the ‘big cabin’.

So our family has a deep attachment to this bushland, and have had many experiences there over the years, and also dreamed of having people come there to retreat, to connect with the earth and to experience the quiet, as well as stir it up with the sound of drum beats!

Drumming out in nature is a unique experience. When I started drumming classes with Tara I was struck, not just by how fantastic it would be to drum at our bush property, but how much it felt like the land really wanted to have people drum there. The place has a special magic to it that is beyond the panoramic views, or the huge rocks and walking trails that are all over the property. It really wants us to drum there and it doesn’t care how loudly! And neither do the neighbours because there aren’t any…

We still have a few spots left on Izzy the Bus, so if you want to do something magical, fun and original, join us for Beat Around the Bush on Saturday 24th February. Tara provides the drums and brilliant teaching skills that get everyone, no matter what their experience level, to really get the most out of the drumming experience.

Click here for more information.

Click here to make your reservation.

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