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Longley International Hotel

Longley International Hotel Saw Blade Sign

Our ‘local’ pub is actually several pubs away from our place in South Hobart but the Longley International Hotel, in Longley, Tasmania has such a unique and indescribable vibe that we prefer to think of this quirky rural pub as our ‘local’. It is a 20 minute drive from our place, through the foothills of kunanyi/Mt Wellington – the perfect place to stop for a walk through rain forest and giant ferns to a waterfall, before heading off for the live music that is on offer every Sunday afternoon at Longley Pub.

Seating & Parking

The mix of patrons is always interesting – from hardened-looking manual workers or motorcycle riders, to kids, to smartly dressed young men, young hipsters, young hippies in dreads, the very elderly, young families and middle aged groups.

There is a great outdoor area for music, dancing, gathering. And the historic pub itself has a huge, roaring fireplace and an old-fashioned bar and pool tables, but no gambling, which always adds to the atmosphere of an authentic Aussie pub.

The award-winning Wolfe Brothers band got their start here on Sunday afternoons of music, sunshine, dancing, drinking and enjoying the company of other laid-back Sunday afternoon guests. The hotel used to supply beef and gravy buns on those days only, with occasional toasted sandwiches, but now they have a full menu and serve lunch and dinner, most days of the week.

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