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Tassie Travel Tip – Driving and protecting our wildlife

On the way out to our bush property last weekend we found a Tassie devil dead on the road. He looked like he had been a healthy young devil so it is particularly sad to think of this highly endangered animal being bumped off just from careless driving.

This Tassie Travel Tip cannot be emphasised enough and it bears repeating “Drive with extra care from Dawn to Dusk” Animals are most active at dusk when they are first waking up and heading out for a night of grazing (or in some cases, decimating human gardens). So it’s best to be settled into your home or accommodation by that time, sipping a glass of local wine and enjoying some gourmet Tasmanian food.

And most importantly, if you do have to drive in the evening, slow down, especially in more rural or bushland areas. Even in heavily residential areas if there is bush nearby there will be wallabies and pademelons ready to leap out from the side with no warning. So, please slow down, and watch out for our beautiful native wildlife.

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