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Roaring 40’s kayaking

Tinderbox Beach

My sister-in-law Nicky and I went on the most wonderful adventure recently. We joined a group of 10 other people for a kayaking trip with Roaring 40s Kayaking ( at the northern end of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and along the coast of the Derwent Estuary. Nicky grew up in Tinderbox, near where the tour started and I grew up in Taroona, where it ended, so it was especially lovely for us to see our childhood homes from this unique and wonderful perspective.

Kayaks on the beach

It was a wonderful experience, all of it - the quality of the gear, the thoroughness of the instructions and communication, the timing, the wonderful lunch, the snacks that showed up at exactly the right moments. But mostly, I just can't say enough about Tory and Tom the tour guides. Their professionalism, friendliness, kindness, fun attitude, and obvious love of what they do (even when the conditions got a bit challenging and they had to deal with it accordingly) were absolutely spot on every time.

Blackman's Bay Beach

It ended up being a pretty grueling trip with a considerable swell and some pretty exciting big waves, but Nicky and I had a wonderful time. I highly recommend kayaking as a wonderful way to see what Tasmania has to offer.

Landing point on Blackman's Bay Beach

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