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Taste of Tasmania

The iconic annual Taste of Tasmania festival started on Wednesday 28th December. Not the best weather conditions for its first day but it has become such a versatile, imaginative event that it can provide a wonderful experience no matter what the fickle Tasmanian weather serves up.

We enjoyed an afternoon of tasting Tasmanian food and wine in this incomparable waterfront location yesterday in perfect, mild conditions – there was a light breeze, not too much sun and the threat of rain held off all day. We enjoyed a variety of Tasmanian wines from vineyards all over our state - Goaty Hill (my favourite name as well as wine), Bream Creek, Ghost Rock and Josef Chromy. Cheese from Ashgrove Cheese in the north of Tasmania, and a variety of favourite tastes – the Flamecake pizza-type slices with Boks bacon and guyere cheese, gypsy rolls, tempura mushrooms, Vietnamese spring rolls and more.

The Taste of Tasmania is all about the food, wine, entertainment, superb waterfront location and friendly, laidback vibe, but one of my favourite parts is the arrival of the Sydney-Hobart yachts.

The big maxi yachts have been and gone, taking line honours in an impressive, record-breaking sprint down from Sydney. But the part I most enjoy; the thing that makes me feel most proud to be a local of this beautiful city, are all the smaller boats that have battled their way down the coast towards the welcome sight of the Iron Pot Lighthouse at the entrance to the Derwent River estuary. And then they finally cruise in to Hobart, exhausted, wet and weary, to be greeted enthusiastically by a warm, friendly crowd of Taste of Tasmania attendees, cheering them on, and waving and welcoming them to this sensational little city that feels like a big, friendly town.

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