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Christmas in Tasmania

It looks like summer has finally arrived in Hobart and we are expecting warm sunny weather for the next few days. The forecast for Christmas day is a sunny and warm 29 degree (84 F) day. We will eat cold ham and salmon and salads and delicious Tasmanian pink eye potatoes for lunch. With fresh raspberries and Aussie pavlova for dessert, along with favourite local chocolates and champagne. And instead of settling down by the fire as one does at Christmas in the northern hemisphere, we will be outside playing tennis and watching sailboats out on the water in the Derwent River estuary.

Salamanca Square Christmas Tree

When I was a kid I loved that Christmas came right before our summer holidays so we could enjoy the excitement of the holidays and then have the whole summer break to look forward to. So if you were lucky enough to get a bicycle for Christmas you could actually go out and ride it for another eight glorious weeks of summer.

Hobart Town Hal

Now that the sun is finally looking like it will stick around for more than just a few days, after a cold and wet spring, we have so many wonderful Hobart events to look forward to. So many opportunities to play, be outside, be with family and friends and experience all the magical events that Hobart and beyond have to offer. Starting with the Taste of Tasmania on the Hobart waterfront, the arrival of the Sydney-Hobart yachts and New Year’s Eve, the Cygnet Folk Festival about an hour from the city, and then MoFo and the Australian Wooden Boat Festival. It feels a lot like getting a shiny new bicycle for Christmas!

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