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Ovation of the Seas

The biggest cruise ship in Australia and the fourth largest in the world docked in Hobart for the day yesterday. Hobart has one of the deepest natural harbours in the world so it could handle this massive vessel with ease; it even docked at the main wharf which is literally just a couple of blocks from downtown Hobart. No shuttle buses from a gritty working port required, like with so many cruise ship arrivals in larger cities.

Ovation of the Seas in port.

A few weeks ago I had some tour customers on Izzy the Bus who were worried about their disabled and elderly father not being able to leave the ship while they went on tour for the day. We ended up being able to take Wayne with us and he was delightful company while they went on a short tour that couldn’t accommodate his wheel chair, but I pointed out to them that even if he had decided not to get off the ship, he wouldn’t have missed out on Hobart completely.

The view from the Ferry Terminal in Hobart

He would have been able to sit in his chair and still get a close up look at the city. From the deck he would have been able to look out over the yachts and fishing boats in the harbour, see some of our beautiful heritage sandstone buildings, as well as the more modern buildings and vibrant waterfront, look towards the hills at the houses up almost to the skyline, see some of the coastline of the Derwent River, and also see our magnificent kunanyi/Mt Wellington looming over the city like the living, breathing being that it is.

Ovation of the Seas making its presence felt

Our beautiful Hobart waterfront is one of the best things about our city and it’s part of what has made it so popular with cruise ships. We have a record number arriving this season as people are discovering this gorgeous, vibrant little city at the bottom of the world, and the easy access that it offers to so many interesting and varied places nearby, from mountain walks to wildlife parks to historic villages, famous museums and world class wineries and much more. We recommend spending way more than one day in Hobart and Tasmania of course, but a cruise ship stop is a great way to get a feel for the place so you can start making plans to come back again for a longer visit!

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