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Curringa Farm

We headed out to our family property in the Tasmanian bush last weekend and drove home via Curringa Farm at Hamilton. This 700 acre award-winning farm has been hosting visitors for many years and offer tours that give a real idea of life on a working farm. Visitors can watch sheep being shorn and see dogs working with a mob of sheep. They can also enjoy a delicious barbeque meal or stay overnight in one of nine accommodation cottages overlooking beautiful Lake Meadowbank (I was so mesmerised by the views of the lake I forgot to take photos!)

As well as growing sheep for wool and meat, Curringa farm grows poppies and other crops for seeds and has won several awards for sustainable farm management practices. This time of year is usually much drier in this region but we have had so much rain this year that the fields were lush and green, with white puffy clouds in pristine blue skies over verdant fields, and poppy flowers blowing in the spring breeze.

The owners, Tim and Jane Parsons are 6th generations farmers and they offer a warm welcome in a wonderful setting in the Derwent Valley, just an hour from Hobart and close to Mt Field National Park. There is so much to see in this area, Curringa Farm is a great place to base yourself for exploring the Derwent Valley and beyond.

It is one of my favourite regions of Tasmania!

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