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Cygnet Folk Festival

It doesn’t get more Tasmanian than the Cygnet Folk Festival….this little town that features on our Huon Valley Food and Wine tour (we have lunch at the fabulous Red Velvet Lounge) has so much energy and good vibes on this special weekend of the year when it is taken over by over 6,000 music lovers, music makers and a team of outstanding volunteers that make this incomparable event happen.

Unlike many music festivals that take place in a roped off area, this event happens in the whole town, with a huge range of indoor venues and outdoor tents. There is great food and market stalls and performances in the town park, and buskers in the street that are available for any passerby to enjoy, as well as major acts from all over Australia and the world that fill the indoor venues with sounds that range from gentle, introspective music, to wild thumping beats that has half the place up dancing till late into the night.

If you are thinking of coming to Tasmania and want to experience something truly authentic, local and unique, plan on being here the second weekend of January.

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