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Hobart History

Hobart is the second oldest capital city in Australia (after Sydney). In its early days is was also the poorest, and a struggling backwater – the butt of many jokes and derisive comments about its isolation and limited gene pool. Of course that has all changed now, but the magical part of it is, that while the rest of Australia was rushing to rid themselves of the “convict stain" - that unfortunate period when convicts were no longer being transported from England but were still very much in evidence in the community with their tickets of leave and some important skills, but an awkward social standing – Hobart was too underfunded to be in a position to knock down the convict-built building and gorgeous Georgian architecture. The happy result of that is a landscape all over the city (and the state) that is filled with beautiful old buildings, stately homes and timeless architectural gems. This little city at the bottom of the world has had its share of detractors in the past but these days it is a gem of a place that is polishing up nicely - hopefully it will keep its charm and not go chasing too shiny a finish on its perfect Tasmanian-ness.

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