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kunanyi/Mt. Wellington

Hobart is the second oldest capital city in Australia and also the second driest, thanks to our beautiful kunanyi/Mt Wellington – that majestic, living, breathing entity overlooking the city (and sending ferocious winds through our back yard in the mountain’s foothills).

“The mountain” creates a rainshadow effect that dumps much of the precipitation on the mountain and then delivers it to the city via rivulets and streams that provided a wonderful fresh water supply for the early European settlers, and emptied conveniently into one of the deepest natural harbours in the world.

Even today, you can drive up the mountain and see people with water jugs of all sizes collecting their own fresh mountain drinking water. Several of the streams flow just a few hundred metres from my house and I regularly walk by there and take a drink of water, just because I can – fresh, clean mountain water less than 10 minutes from a capital city! I find that to be one of the most magical and awesome things about Hobart.

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