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Tasmania Drive

Our friend Vicki from Tasmania I Drive started her business around the same time as Island Time Tours. She and I met at a workshop provided (free of charge, along with great sandwiches at break time!) by the local Business and Employment Centre. We have been sharing resources, ideas and (most importantly) big laughs ever since. Her vehicle Doris is an 8 seater, 4 WD gem who has seen more of the state than most tour vehicles – Vick loves to drive and I’ve been on a few “reckies” with her as we explored the more out of the way places that makes Tassie so special.

Vick and I work together when she has bookings for bigger groups or, as was the case this week I had too many passengers for my Huon Valley Food and Wine tour so Vick stepped in and drove some of the passengers which always makes for an extra fun day out.

If we get requests for days when we are not available, we pass them on to each other, along with a small group of dedicated operators - rather than saying “no” to a potential customer, we can refer them on to someone we trust and respect as a fellow tour operator. It so much nicer to be collaborators than competitors, not to mention so much more fun!

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