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Tourism Season in Tassie

Tourism season is well underway in Tassie, with the first cruise ship of the season arriving, the Bruny ferry already overloaded on some crossings, accommodation filling quickly, especially on the weekends, and this beautiful, typically Tasmanian weather!

My Travel Tip for this post is to book early! It’s so convenient to do through the Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre and I can personally attest to the wonderfulness of the staff there – I work there part time and know how dedicated they all are. All you have to do is contact them with your travel plans for Tassie and their designated email person will personally reply to your request.

The requests are coming in steadily these days; that’s how we know that tourist season is well underway, so my best suggestion is to book your trip to Tasmania sooner rather than later.

Happy Travels,


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