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Close up encounters with Tassie devils, wombats, koalas and more

Thanks to some visitors on tour from the US I got to experience Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary’s “Feeding Frenzy” private tour.

What a fantastic experience!


My clients were thrilled to have such a unique and close up encounter with kangaroos, koalas, a possum, echidna, Tassie devils, blue tongue lizards, sugar gliders, tawny frogmouths, bettongs, and - my favourite! – a baby wombat. (See her coming out for a visit from her human-made “pouch” on the Island TIme Tours Facebook page.)


I would highly recommend this tour for people visiting Bonorong. It is a great way to have a truly memorable experience with these beautiful animals and their devoted, passionate carers, as well as support the work that the Wildlife Sanctuary does to rehabilitate protect our unique Tasmanian animals.

And remember to slow down when driving in Tassie, especially at dawn and dusk, when our animals are most active and likely to encounter you on the road.

Best wishes for the summer that we're still waiting for in Tassie!

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