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Happy New Year from Hobart, Tasmania

The new year will soon arrive in this part of the world. This year we will spend the evening at home with friends and family, at the base of kunanyi/Mt Wellington overlooking the city of Hobart, but another world away.

While we’ll probably catch a glimpse of the fireworks, we’ll be sitting by a fire outside on a (hopefully) mild summer night, watching wallabies, pademelons and possums creep out of the bush for their nightly ritual of eating our lawn (and plants).

Meanwhile, just a few kilometres away, the city of Hobart will be pulsing with an energy that is possibly one of the most fun places to be on New Year's Eve. The Taste Festival will be in full swing on the waterfront, with special entertainment, fireworks and the annual event showcasing some of the best food and wine in the world.


Some smaller Sydney to Hobart yachts will still be arriving – exhausted sailors being cheered on by rowdy crowds whose appreciation and enthusiasm will increase as the evening wears on.

The big maxi yachts that took line honours several days ago will probably have already left town, on to bigger and flashier places for their next race. But if there was ever a place that feels like you're standing at the centre of the world, at a moment as significant as the start of a brand new year, I don't think it gets much better than this little city at the bottom of the world.

With best wishes for a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year…


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