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From Fall to Spring

Our time on our other island (Whidbey Island, Washington) is drawing to a close. The fog rising from the wetlands in the cool mornings, the breathtaking stillness of the air, the fading blackberries, and the big yellow buses taking the kids to school all over the USA are sure signs that Fall is on its way, and it’s time for us to pack up and head south, back to early spring in Tasmania.

Fall leaves, Whidbey Island.JPG
Whidbey wetlands.JPG

To the people who observe that we never spend a winter anywhere, I point out that since Tasmania is popular for being one of the few places in Australia that has all four distinct seasons, and the joke is that they can all be on the same day, we still get plenty of winter. As witnessed by the snow I’ve seen on the mountain behind our house in Hobart in September, and even in February one year! And it’s true – the erratic weather is one of the lovely things about Tasmania – no matter what it’s doing now, you know if you just wait a few hours (or minutes!) it will change.

Tasmanian bush retreat

Even having grown up in Hobart, knowing how to dress for the weather can be a challenge. The sun in Tasmania is deceivingly intense and the wind seems to be extra cold, especially when it’s blowing in from Antarctica! The most important items are

Daffodils in the Tasmanian bush

sunscreen or a wide-brimmed hat. When you’re sunning yourself on a beach in Queensland you tend to be aware of how fast you’re going to burn, but the sun in Tasmania has an extra bite to it and, with that cool wind blowing you’re less likely to notice it.

I noticed that a few days ago it was 19 degrees Celsius (69 F) and sunny in Hobart. Not bad for the equivalent of early March in Washington. The daffodils will be out soon, the days are growing longer and the start of a new tourist season awaits us and Izzy the Bus.

Since Tasmania and Hobart are being discovered by more people all the time, we’ll look forward to meeting them this summer; on tour with us, at the Tourist Information Centre, on the streets of Hobart, or at one of the many lovely places we take people on tour around Hobart.

So keep your hat on, and see you in Tassie!

Tasmanian Blackwood blossoms

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